When you are born in this world, you are assigned a job based on the circumstances. The rarer the job, the better the rewards. Rare jobs gain unique skills, some of which are impossible to learn for other jobs. The common jobs are marked with an *.

Starting jobs (Tier 0):

  • *Beginner - The most common Job, the other starting jobs all have the beginner jobs skills
  • Slave - A job for those born in slavery. Gain the skill Endurance.
  • Noble - A job for those born in nobility. Gain the skill Nobility.

Fist job (Tier 1):

  • *Archer - Ranged, fights from medium and long range. Main weapon are bow and longbow.
  • *Fighter - Strong, fights close combat. Main weapon are knuckles and throwing weapons.
  • *Mage - Balanced, fights at medium and long range. Main weapon are staff and wand.
  • *Rogue - Agile, fight close and short range combat. Main weapon are Blades and Throwing weapons.
  • *Warrior - Balanced, fights close combat. Main weapon are sword and spear.
  • Blood mage - Rare job that uses blood to fight

Second job Archer (Tier 2):

  • *Hunter - Uses agility to fight at short/medium range.
    • Demon Hunter - Hunter with added dark elemental skills
    • Flame shooter - Hunter with added fire elemental skills
    • Holy Archer - Hunter with added holy elemental skills
    • Wind Archer - Hunter with added wind elemental skills
  • *Sniper - Very long range, high damage.

Second job Fighter (Tier 2):

  • Earth Monk - Defensive close combat style. Uses earth magic.
  • Fire Monk - Offensive close combat style. Uses fire magic.
  • Water Monk - Balanced close combat style. Uses water magic.

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